Friday, December 27, 2013

This Lady Loser in the New Year: A New Focus

You are as old as you feel. Although your genes play an important roll in the agin process, you are not preprogrammed to die. According to Mehmet Oz genes rely on energy which is in short supply for most of us today. The time and energy your body use for one purpose mean a short supply for another. The energy spent fighting off disease mean less energy for a healthful function of cells. The latest answer to increasing lifespan, calorie restriction. This calorie restriction will help genes redirect the energy they spend to maintenance and repair of cells. A 40% calorie restriction can lead to celling cells into maintenance which means once thing friends, healthy longer life in a more youthful body. Whent he rate of cell repair found in the maintenance equals the rate of cell damage due to unhealthy living the aging process stops according to scientists. To increase the rate of cell repair there are key thins one can do:

1. Eat right - more lean protein less sugar producing cards such as bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice.
2. Get rest - with 7-8 hours of sleep your pituitary is able to increase the level of growth hormone produced.
3. Take Omega 3- fatty acids/ DHA. These supplements deliver benefits to the brain, heart and immune system.
4. Breath Deep - stress relieving, awakening, and blood enriching. Breathing deeply enlivens the cells in the body.

Let's get ready to welcome 2014 with a newer and better approach to living. Let's stop aging in it's tracks!

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  1. What is the one thing you like to lose as first priority ???

    WEIGHT ofcourse.